Matthew Springer

Matt Springer is a junior studying Finance and Accounting with OSU's College of Business with a minor in Economics. Matt is from Newberg, Oregon and in his free time he enjoys weightlifting and playing basketball.

As President, Matt's role is to be the face of the chapter and work for our best interests with our national fraternity, the university and IFC. 



Vice President

Garrett chase

Garrett is from Redwoods California and is a Fisheries and Wildlife Science major. Garrett did wrestling in high school and loves to hang out with other members in the house. 

As Vice President, Garret is tasked with coordinating the communication and internal workings a of the chapter, as well as managing all committees. With this he works on making sure committee chairman have all the tools necessary to execute strong leadership.

blake knirk.png


Blake Knirk

Blake is a senior studying Finance and is from Bend, Oregon. As a freshman, Blake played quarterback at Willamette University. He enjoys hiking and has even been to 5 out of 7 major peaks in Central Oregon. This summer he will be doing an internship in Germany with a marketing and consulting firm.

Blake's role in the fraternity, is to help the chapter meet its financial obligations while making sure our chapter has the ability to meet our goals by collecting, budgeting, and spending funds.


Corresponding Secretary

Lucas Rodgers

Lucas' job is to communicate and improve relations with other organizations outside of the chapter. He communicates with our national headquarters and other Greek houses on campus, as well as writing articles for our national and local chapter magazine the Orange Peel.


Recording Secretary 

Max Norman

Max is studying mechanical engineering at Oregon State's College of Engineering and is from Bellingham,Washington. Max enjoys all things cars and is an exceptional brother in the house.

As Recording Secretary, Max takes meeting minutes/notes for all chapters and other important meetings we have as a fratnerity. He also makes sure that the brothers in the house can see the notes if they miss a meeting, and updates our Chapter By-Laws.



Colin Zorigian

Colin is a marketing major with OSU's College of Business and is from Fort Collins, Colorado. He also loves photography and enjoys kickin' it with the boys. Colin is a stand up guy and is a very active and phenomenal member of Phi Kappa Psi.

Colin's job as Historian is do record everything we do as Phi Psi's throughout the year. Whether it be rush/recruitment events, participating in philanthropies, during community service, hosting our own philanthropy or just hanging out at the house. 

Sergeant at Arms

Andrew Horton